Rocket League has had comparable activities inside the past

Rocket League has had comparable activities inside the past

It in the end makes feel for Psyonix toRocket League Credits run a double XP weekend. Starting today (the occasion is live as of 4pm Pacific) playing Rocket League will yield twice as a good deal XP. That without delay correlates to twice as many item drops. It ends on Monday October 15 at 10am Pacific.

Rocket League has had comparable activities inside the past, like weekends wherein items would drop two times as often or painted items might be less difficult to come via. It has by no means dealt in experience factors before due to the fact revel in factors have been in no way in reality relevant. Now, with the current overhaul, Psyonix can simply cut to the chase and use XP because the incentive.

Competitive Rocket League changed into at its all-time pleasant at the quit of Season five's RLCS in June. The identifying game of the Grand Finals noticed Team Dignitas rating the go-beforehand goal with four seconds left. Then, NRG come what may controlled to hold the ball alive with out a time at the clock, and that resulted in Jstn nailing the first-rate shot in RLCS history to force extra time. It turned into sincerely remarkable. Here's the video that suggests all of the drama in speedy succession.

Rocket League esports ended last season on a high notice, and it's beginning next season on a exceptional high note. Psyonix has announced that the Season 6 RLCS prize pool could be raised to $1 million. That's double the quantity that was up for grabs in Season five.

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