3 Styles of Dustbin

Plastic Dustbin , also known as the garbage can, trash can and waste bin, which is the place to put garbage.

Plastic Dustbin , also known as the garbage can, trash can and waste bin, which is the place to put garbage. Most of the dustbins are made of metal or plastic. When used, they are put into plastic bags. When it is full, the garbage can be tied up and thrown away. Most dustbins are covered to prevent the smell from garbage, and some can be opened with a foot. Dustbins are containers for people to hide their dirt and are also a reflection of social culture. Most of the household dustbins are placed in the kitchen for food. Some families will have one in each of the main rooms. Some playground dustbins are specially designed to be cute characters.

First, Public Dustbin style

There are special requirements for the environment: it can withstand high and low temperature under natural outdoor conditions with sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness, easy to clean and integrate with the environment.

Second, Family style

It is mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen and the bathroom should use the Plastic Garbage Bin with the cover. Even if you use the open dustbin with the inner plastic bag, you must tighten the bag at the same time. And the garbage is best to fall every day - especially the garbage and toilet garbage, which can not stay in the dustbin overnight. This can prevent the emission of mildew and odor.

Third, Medical style

It is used to store a variety of solid tangibles and liquids discarded after clinical use. The clinical laboratory is mainly based on patients' blood, body fluids and secretions, and a small amount of recyclable items. Medical waste shall be disposed of in accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Waste and the Measures for the Administration of Medical Wastes in Medical and Health Institutions.

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