Zjnanyangmotor Teach You Install Washer Motor

You may be stressing out over the cost of having to buy a new washing machine

There will come a time when your washer motor is finally going to give up and die after hundreds of loads of laundry. When this happens, dont freak out. You may be stressing out over the cost of having to buy a new washing machine, but why do that when you can simply replace the Washer Motor yourself and save a bundle of cash?

First, the Process

First of all, you must locate the lug and bolt hole on the machine itself. Take your new washer motor (one that you have bought already to replace the deceased one), and position the new washer motor onto the lug, which will allow you in the slide in the retaining bolt, washer and nut to secure the motor into place. Be sure to use a socket wrench and a regular wrench to ensure that everything is locked into place securely.

Second, the Belt

Next, you must replace the belt, simply by sliding it onto the gears within the machine and looping it over the new washer motor. When you have that position, replace the tensioning bolt, washers, and nut, which will lock the motor down. Now tighten the belt by pulling the motor slowly away from the drum of the machine. This will pull the belt taut. This is done by simply using your socket wrench and crescent wrench to tighten the bolt down. Be sure that your belt can still easily glide over the gears, but you dont want it so loose that it slides off completely.

Finally, Wiring

With your motor secured in place and your belt tightened properly, we now shift our focus to the other end of the motor. Here we are going to look at the wiring that needs to be done to ensure that your motor is running properly. The first thing you need to do is replace the ground wire securely, yet again we call upon our trusty socket wrench to tighten down the nut and be sure that the ground wire is securely attached.

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