PoE Beginner’s Leveling Tips and Tricks

This Path of Exile (PoE) 3.8 Path of Exile Blight League Beginner’s Leveling Guide, Tips and Tricks will be both useful for new and existing players that are trying to speed up their leveling to reach the endgame maps as quick as possible.

This Path of Exile (PoE) 3.8 Path of Exile Blight League Beginners Leveling Guide, Tips and Tricks will be both useful for new and existing players that are trying to speed up their leveling to reach the endgame maps as quick as possible.

Interface Settings

First off lets start off with some Path of Exile Blight friendly interface options. Landscape transparency is really good if you put the map transparency to the right and the landscape transparency to the left on your mini-map this will make your map a lot easier to read. By doing this you wont see any of the fluff that you dont need.

By pressing the plus or minus button you can also zoom in and out if you want to see your map better. Theres a few other useful settings, I always show new sockets, life and mana numbers and life bars on allies and enemies. Advanced Mode description will show you the item prefixes and suffixes if you hold the alt button, this is REALLY important because each item has up to six affixes.

Next up is mouse button 1 to click move is important because it is very common to see a lot of new players have default attack on their mouse button 1 so theyll accidentally talk to NPCs whilst trying to pass them which can result in a quick death.

Early Game Setup

You should look at the vendor early because theres 3 important things to try and get in order to get a faster leveling experience in PoE Blight: 3 link item (any), movement speed boots and make a mule if you need certain gems. Vendors can start selling movement speed boots as soon as youre in town after killing Hillock and the items reset every few zones so keep checking for movement speed boots!

A mule character is very important because it allows you to get some of the early gems that you will definitely need once you start rushing in Path of Exile Blight, for example a witch wouldnt start with decoy totem (really useful at Brutus fight) so you can make a scion character and as soon as you get off the beach and kill hillock youll be able to get the gem by picking it up as a quest reward or buying it at the NPC.

Logging out is a good strategy for the Blight league start (and any other league start) because it allows you to save up on portal scrolls which can be sometimes really rare once you are speed leveling and youll spend them very fast. An example of where logging out is a good strategy is: Quicksilver flask quest, Fairgraves quest, Crab quest, Spider in A2, Voll in A4 and any other similar areas where the zone entry is far from the boss.


The best time to get the Crab and Fairgraves skill points is when youre close to being done with A2 because youll sometimes already have a second Quicksilver flask at this point and you will be moving a lot quicker due to having a movement skill and pair of movement speed boots (which is a must at this point, at least 10%).

A lot of PoE quests are skippable: Fetid Pool, Crypt, Library (although useful if you need gems), A Swig of hopeMany of these skippable quests only give minor rewards such as a rare item (which is in most cases trash) and respec points (which you shouldnt need while leveling). These quests take a long time to finish so avoid them if youre trying to get to maps as fast as possible.

Inventory Management

Remember that you can very easily make a +1 to gem level wand and the recipe for doing this is one alteration orb, one blue gem and a ring of your choice so for example a sapphire ring would make it a +1 cold gem wand.

One thing thats done by a lot of players is that they pick up too much stuff early on which makes inventory management a living hell and it will drain up so much of their time. Try not to pick up everything, if you really have to then only pick up rare items (blue and white are useless, sometimes you should sell them early in the league if youre low on wisdom scrolls).

Path of Exile starts getting bloated with useless white and blue items once you start reaching endgame maps. Get an item filter, I personally use the Semi-Strict Neversinks loot filter and I find it great and its updated before every league start. You can use Poe Blade website to further edit the loot filter and even add custom sounds to it!

The fastest way to do you inventory management is to sort things while youre walking, never go back to town unless you have to!


Alira is the best bandit for league starts (especially for beginners) because youll get a bonus percentage to all of your elemental resistances which is really important if youre undergeared and trying to speed run. A good strategy for undergeared characters is to try and get to A4 and then run some Dried Lakes in order to catch up on levels and get good gear. If the Alira is not the preferred bandit for you build you can respec this later with twenty regret orbs and an onyx amulet.

Lab Trials and Ascension

Ascending as well can be pretty important, do the Normal Lab trials when you feel comfortable to do so and always have the best flasks for your current level. Some lab trials are really rippy so never try to rush it. After youve completed the lab trials you will be able to enter the respective lab (normal, cruel, merc, uber). Normal Lab trials and the lab itself usually take ~ 20 minutes which is not that bad because Normal Lab usually gives you a great boost for your character (be it offensive or defensive, it will let you progress faster and easier) but always make sure youre overleveled for the Cruel, Merciless and Uber lab.

Maximizing Experience

How XP ranges work is an extremely important topic, the formula is base level +-3 meaning if youre a level four youre getting full XP in a level seven zone and full XP in a level one zone. New players very often fully clear a zone thinking its better ITS NOT. If youre speed leveling the most IMPORTANT thing is to stay around 2 levels below the zone youre in, this will maximize your experience gain making you fly through levels in no time. This formula increases plus one every 16 levels so once you are level 16 you get full XP at level 20 and at level 12 and then again at 32 it is 27-37.

Blood Aquaducts are crucial at league starts because that zone is perfect for a good old grind. Blood Aquaducts is usually the best zone for both leveling and drops, highest experience per hour can be achieved in this zone with close to no effort because monsters are really easy (always skip the bird boss) and this zone drops the HUMILITY card. Combining a set of Humility cards will net you a Tabula Rasa a 6 link body armor which can carry you to T10+ maps if your build is good.

Pick a build that you enjoy playing. I cant stress this enough, most new players will google top Blight league starter build and most often itll be a Totem build. Totems are VERY strong but theyre also extremely boring to play, which results in the player quitting before even reaching the fun part of the game which is after 60+ once things start to speed up and you start to one shot monsters.

Lastly, be efficient with your time. If youre playing a trade league (non SSF) and you lack items / dont have capped resists, your damage is bad buy some gear. Usually the best time to buy new gear is after A5 and after A7 or A8. If you follow this guide, you should be able to accrue currency and high-level loot at a rather swift and efficient pace. Hope Poe players like this article, if you are interested in more Poe news and guides orPOE Currency Kaufen, welcome you to visithttps://www.igvault.de/POE-currency/Standard/Chaos-orb.html

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